Equipment “Imedis”

Thanks to scientific and technical progress in the field of medicine and biophysics researchers, it was found that for each cell, whether it be a cell of a human body, the virus or bacteria has its own normal biophysical parameters – electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency. These fluctuations are specific and unique. In case of any disease or functional disorders to predbolezni step, these cells change parameters. Moreover, at different illnesses cell changes its settings to different frequencies.

In the body there are biological energy-information meridians, for each organ and system they are their own. These meridians combine biologically active points of the body, which are sources of information about the biophysical parameters of cells. Scientists have developed instruments that work with information on the biophysical parameters of cells. This is the basis of the principle of bioresonance medicine.

The Center for Restoring Health “Kalhivi” uses the diagnostic system “IMEDIS”, which, in essence, “contains” a multifunctional clinic, laboratory and pharmacy.
The equipment guarantees high accuracy of diagnostics – up to 95%.

• The equipment allows to obtain complete information about the patient’s health by identifying the diseases at the earliest stages, that ultrasound, CT and NMR are not available, which reveal the already formed process.
• Electropuncture diagnostics is safe, painless, convenient and does not require preliminary preparation.
• The equipment allows to undergo diagnostics and bioresonance therapy to pregnant women and children, due to the absence of radiation and other contraindications.
• Research with the selection of a treatment regimen takes several hours and replaces long-term medical examination and drug discovery, that is, using this method saves the patient strength, time, money.

The IMEDIS equipment has unique diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities and allows:

Conduct electropuncture diagnostics by the method of vegetative resonance test (VRT diagnostics);
• to carry out segmental bioelectronic functional express diagnostics, which is designed to measure electrical parameters of body segments that are interconnected with internal organs and tissues;
• conduct resonance-frequency diagnostics and therapy of diseases caused by viruses, fungi, protozoa and helminths;
• identify the presence of benign and malignant tumors, cystic processes;
• Conduct endogenous and exogenous bioresonance therapy (BRT treatment);
• Carry out drug testing; Determine the side effect of medicines and weaken it; Determine the effectiveness and tolerability of medications; To select medicines and dietary supplements most effective for the organism;
• conduct induction therapy with brain rhythms;
• remove accumulated exo and endotoxins from the body;
• pick up food products;
• treat allergies by preparing “anti-allergens”;
• treat alcohol and tobacco dependence;
• Record the electromagnetic vibrations of the body on the storage media.


Integrative medicine - a medicine for the benefit of the whole organism, in the interests of people, not in words but in deeds?

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