22The Calhivi Health Recovery Center helped me identify and identify a hotbed of general malaise that constantly reduced my ability to work, manifested in headaches, constant fatigue and drowsiness.


 Segmental diagnostics of the body, one of which was suggested by the specialists of the Kalhivi center, made it possible to visually display the whole of my body, – in a graphical form, which was divided into sectors. The sector is a biologically active zone of the body, each of which undergoes testing, eventually is highlighted by a certain color characterizing the degree of violation in the format “Sharply expressed” and “Norma”.

 Electropuncture diagnostics showed disturbances in the head region (impoverishment of arterial blood flow and manifestation of venous stasis), as well as violations in the cervical spine.

 I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of the diagnosis and the possibility of determining the source of the violation, which was much deeper than what I was told in the polyclinic. This allowed us to correctly choose and choose the direction of treatment, which has already begun to give the first positive results.

Bogdan, c. Belaya Tserkov (02.2017)

I applied to the Calhivi Health Recovery Center in December 2010 with the problem of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the urinary tract, kidney stones and great weakness (Sweating, lack of sleep, subfibril temperature, with pain in the area of the stomach, intestines, weight loss, etc.). I was treated in Theophany in Kiev, in Germany they underwent surgery and caused sepsis and kidney failure. I am very grateful to the guys who instilled in me confidence in the possibility of a gradual recovery and together with the belief in success we gradually came to health, step by step. Today I already work fully, we have overcome the Pseudomonas aeruginosa and a whole heap of concomitant diseases and go together to a harmonious state of mind and body. Thank you to the talented and obsessive doctors with a capital letter for your professional and compassionate attitude towards the sick, many of whom you were the last hope. I wish you further professional growth, God’s grace, patience and good health.

Alexander, Kiev, (16.12.2011)


Thanks to the Kalhivi Health Recovery Center and their author’s method, I saw fragments of a mosaic that tried to find and understand them in order to learn to live in harmony with themselves, the world and people.

At the first session of self-healing, I took the role of a stubborn student and set out to cooperate, in which Elena Ivanovna helped me to disassemble all the details, Give explanations based on the basic principles of psychoanalysis and Eastern psychology, and also, to use their guidance to apply in our everyday and sometimes very hard life.

These magic recipes for all occasions helped me to believe in myself, taught me to Love Myself, my Life and are not afraid of tomorrow, and also to enjoy the communication with people. The most important thing is that I get it!

I’m sure that I can achieve my goals, and I have enough patience. I want to express my gratitude for the stimulus and moral support, for the constant source of energy, for the pleasure of the conversations that helped me to learn a lot of new things, as well as for the inspiration and creative mix of knowledge, technique and intuition.

Natalia, Kiev (11.2016)

I applied to the Calhivi Health Recovery Center in the summer of 2004. My relatives almost lost hope for my recovery, and I already did not care. My diagnosis: Immunoblastic non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma st. III W. The condition in the summer of 2004 is severe – a great fatigue from illness and cures. I sustained 5 courses of PCT and 2 radiation zones. After contacting the doctors of the Calhivi Health Recovery Center, my condition gradually improved, both physically and psychologically. And by 2005 I was able to return to a full life: I studied at the university and worked. All thanks to correctly conducted therapy and selection of preparations on BRT. In 2007, I have a relapse of the disease – leuco- and thrombocytopenia occurs. All standard therapies do not work. However, thanks to the doctors, we were able to reach a decent level for life. In 2009, my illness manifests itself in the form of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In the course of 3 months my temperature is about 390t, I lose 8 kg. At this time, all my vital functions are supported by doctors and devices of BRT and MRI. A very important role in my recovery was played by a drug based on calcium, which for me was found by Pyotr Arkadevich and Elena Ivanovna. You were always in touch with me and helped me in every possible way to overcome this relapse.

For today I live without tablets, droppers, injections and hospitals. I live a full-fledged life, work and boldly look into “my” future. Huge gratitude to you for everything.

Nadezhda, Kiev (21.01.2012)


Integrative medicine - a medicine for the benefit of the whole organism, in the interests of people, not in words but in deeds?

Author techniques and algorithms for diagnostic use of BRT in combination with multi-level analysis?