Testing Technology

Bioresonance test

In modern medicine, the physical method of treatment using its own electrical oscillations, electromagnetic fields and human radiation, which is known as bioresonance therapy, has been widely used.

Vegetative resonance test

Vegetative resonance test (VRT) refers to biophysical electropuncture methods of diagnosis, based on the phenomenon of resonance, which occurs in biological systems under the influence of electromagnetic impulse of low intensity. When using as an applied signal an electromagnetic pulse corresponding in its wave characteristics to the electromagnetic spectrum of a particular organ or system in a normal or pathologically altered state, biochemical and biophysical processes occur at the measurement point (TI).

Segmental diagnostics

Segmental bioelectronic functional diagnostics is one of the methods of electropuncture diagnostics, based on the assessment of changes in the electrical parameters of biologically active zones on human skin in the conduct of a standardized electrical load of physiological quantities, which allows for an integral rapid diagnosis of the state of human health.


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Author techniques and algorithms for diagnostic use of BRT in combination with multi-level analysis?