The device “MINI-EXPERT-D”

Apparatus for electropuncture diagnostics “MINI-EXPERT-D” (equipment 2).

The device allows:

  • to measure electrical parameters of biologically active zones (BAZ) by the method of R. Foll;
  • to measure electrical parameters of biologically active points (BAT) by the method of R. Foll;
  • conduct drug testing (evaluation of the effects of various pharmacological and non-pharmacological agents on the human body);
  • conduct electropuncture diagnostics by the method of vegetative resonance test (»IMEDIS-TEST»). The use of special drugs allows you to determine the biological age, identify geopathic, electromagnetic and radioactive loads, allergic burden, the violation of acid-base balance, the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, etc.
  • conduct a segmental bioelectronic functional digestion, which is designed to perform measurements of the electrical parameters of body segments (left hand-left foot, left hand-head left, head left-head right, head right-right hand, right hand-right foot, right foot-left foot, right hand-left hand), interconnected with internal organs and tissues. In the analysis of the results, integral criteria are used that allow to assess the state of the organism as a whole according to the level of stress reaction, the type of nonspecific reactivity of the organism, the general tone of the autonomic nervous system.
  • to measure the stresses and currents in the oral cavity;
  • conduct electrotherapy with BAP and BAZ bipolar current pulses at two fixed frequencies: 10 Hz and 13 Hz.

For the conduct of drug testing, including diagnosis by the method of VRT, it is necessary additionally the presence of a medicamental selector or test preparations in cassettes.


dimensions (no more): 160 х 120 х 45 mm
mass of apparatus (no more): 0,5 kg
measuring current 12 mka
stress measuring range:
in the oral cavity 0 – 250 mV
current measuring range:
in the oral cavity 0 – 10 mkA
polarity of pulses bipolar
adjustment range:
amplitudes 0 – 15 V
Pulse repetition rate 10 Hz and 13 Hz
battery life time 6 h
interface for communication with a computer RS-232 (COM-port)
software «IMEDIS-EXPERT» (purchased separately)

The device provides the possibility of analog reading of the indications on the dial gauge in conventional units of the scale, as well as displaying the value of the “falling arrow” on the LED display.

The device is equipped with sound and LED indication, which simplifies the process of searching and measuring BAT.

The device is supplied with a set of all necessary electrodes and connecting wires and is packed in consumer containers. The device is powered by a battery with a total voltage of 8 – 9 V. The warranty for the device is 1 (one) year. Apparatuses are sold to physicians who have been trained in electropuncture diagnostic techniques and bioresonance therapy.

Additional Features:

The device “MINI-EXPERT-D” (bundle 2) can be optionally equipped with the software “MINI-EXPERT” to work in conjunction with a personal computer.


Integrative medicine - a medicine for the benefit of the whole organism, in the interests of people, not in words but in deeds?

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