The device «IMEDIS-BRT-PC» (package 2, module “Medicamentous SELECTOR”)

The device «IMEDIS-BRT-PC» (package 2, module “Medicamentous SELECTOR”) contains about 50 000 electronic analogues of preparations of various firms. The device is intended for testing medicines with the possibility of selecting the optimal potency, direct and inverse energy-information transfer of medicinal properties of drugs to various carriers.

The medicamental SELECTOR contains:

  • homeopathic preparations of the company «STAUFEN-PHARMA»;
  • company nosodes «STAUFEN-PHARMA»;
  • organopreparations firm «WALA»;
  • preparations of the company «HEEL»;
  • allergens;
  • preparations for diagnostics by the method of vegetative resonance test (more 1000);
  • meridianal, chakralnye and resonance preparations of firm «KERN PHARMA»;
  • nosodes of helminths and bacteria;
  • bach flowers;
  • preparations of firms «WELEDA», «OHOM», «GUNA», Dr. Reckeweg, «O.T.I.» and etc.
  • omplex homeopathic preparations of groups «ENDOCRINOTOX», «ALLERGY-PLEX», «DETOX», «ENDOTOX», developed by R.Martina;
  • preparations of other companies.

The drug selector allows:

  • To carry out a remote impact and evaluate the effectiveness of the selected drug in accordance with the principles of classical homeopathy;
  • To obtain from the original origin a continuous series of potencies and, thus, to carry out an individual selection of the optimal potency in the conduct of drug testing by the R. Foll method or a resonant vegetative test followed by recording the drug in a given potency;
  • To carry out complex drug testing with simultaneous connection of up to 18 drugs contained in the SELECTOR; The user has the opportunity to form and memorize his own groups created from SELECTOR preparations.
  • To make autonosodes, nosodes and organ preparations;
  • Carry out direct and inverted transfer, as well as potentiation of medicinal properties of preparations, both contained in the SELECTOR, and connected to it from external sources (for example, drug cassettes). Overwriting information can be performed on various media (water, alcohol, saline, homeopathic grits, etc.);
  • transfer to large volumes of liquid carriers (water, saline solution).

The effectiveness of the obtained copies is identical to the effectiveness of the initial preparations, which is proved by their use in clinical practice.


Overall dimensions (not more than): 190 x 140 x 60 mm
weight (not more than): 0,5 kg
Container material aluminum
Interface for communication with a computer RS-232 (COM-port)
software PC «IMEDIS-EXPERT» (purchased separately)

The medicamental SELECTOR can be used in conjunction with devices «MINI-EXPERT-DT», «MINI-EXPERT-D». When working with software «MINI-EXPERT» The user gets the opportunity to apply in his work repertory and reference systems for homeopathic preparations, nosodes and organopreparations contained in the SELECTOR.

The user also has the ability to create and store in-memory devices of their own groups created from SELECTOR preparations.

The warranty for the device is 1 (one) year. Apparatuses are sold to physicians who have been trained in electropuncture diagnostic techniques and bioresonance therapy.


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