Light probe-emitter

Technical description and user manual

1. Appointment

The light probe-emitter is an additional device to the AIC «IMEDIS-EXPERT», «IMEDIS-BRT-PC», apparatus «IMEDIS-BRT-A», Which are intended for the removal, transmission and recording of information characteristics of substances and biological objects on various carriers (homeopathic grains, water, alcohol, ointments, and the like.) non-invasive method using a red laser beam.

2. Design

Structurally the probe-emitter is made in a metal case of black color: length – 150 mm, diameter – 13 mm.

The light probe has the following buttons and indicators:
1 – power-on indicator;
2 – emitter on indicator;
3 – emitter switch;
4 – connecting cable for connection to the sockets of containers bioresonance system of agroindustrial complex «IMEDIS-EXPERT»;
5 – power supply of light probe-emitter.

3. Preparation for work

3.1. Connecting wire (4) Depending on the tasks, connect to the nest of container No. 1 or container No. 2 of the bioresonance system of the agro-industrial complex «IMEDIS-EXPERT».

3.2. In order to influence the patient, it is necessary to connect the plug of the connecting wire (4) to the receptacle of the container No. 1, using information:

а) from the selector;
б) from the container №2 or №3.

In cases a) or b) it is possible to carry out energy-information transfer to various information carriers: homeopathic grits, liquids, ointments, etc. on human and animal BAP, for the preparation of individual drugs.

3.3.  To remove (“write off”) information characteristics from the patient (bioobject, substance), it is necessary to connect the plug of the connecting wire (4) to the container No. 2 socket.

3.4.  The power supply unit should be connected to the mains 220V, 50Hz. The power connection is indicated by a green LED (1).

4. Working with the light probe-emitter

4.1.  Direct the beam to the BAP of the person, animal or bioobject and record the information carrier placed in the container №1.

4.2. Press the button once (3). The glow of the red LED indicates the laser radiation mode.

5. Technical characteristics of the light probe-emitter

Length of emitted wave, hm 650
Average radiated power, mkWt 3
Type of radiator  – laser module IE75-01P8, company manufacturer IROYAL Tech. Corp. IE75-01P8
Consumed current, mA, no more than 35
Working temperature, оC От -10 до +45
Focused image. Точка
Focusing range, m 100

6. Security measures

6.1. When working with the light probe-emitter it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the document “Typical instruction for labor protection when working with laser devices (t. Ministry of Health of the USSR of May 26, 1988. N 06-14».

6.2. In accordance with the formal classification given in Table 2P.1 of the document “Sanitary norms and rules for the devices and operation of lasers (Approved. Ministry of Health of the USSR 31.07.91 №5804-91)» and radiated power less than the maximum permissible power of 20 mW, a light-emitting probe based on a solid-state laser belongs to the first class of laser devices – a completely safe laser.

6.3. However, it is necessary to exclude direct exposure of the laser beam to the eyes. Accidental exposure to the eye should not exceed 0,25 s.


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