If there are no errors in diagnostics, there shall be none in treatment.
Ancient Wisdom

Therapy (Greek Θεραπεία [therapeia] – treatment, rehabilitation) is a process whose purpose is to facilitate, remove or eliminate the symptoms and signs of a disease, pathological condition, or any other violation of life activity, normalization of disrupted processes of life and recovery.

“Using a variety of treatment methods, do not think that you will treat the very essence of the disease. The doctor only helps the body to cope with the disease, cope with its own defensive techniques. All this can be done on the basis of the requirements – taking the body as a whole, and at the same time taking into account the influence of the environment on the human body,” Botkin.

The work of the KALHIVI Health Recovery Center is based on the use of the designer comprehensive, non-drug recovery of health methods.

The Center is focused on identifying and eliminating the causes of health and psyche disorders rather than its treatment.


The therapy triggering the bio-resonance mechanisms is a comprehensive approach to treatment, because it is only activating (triggering) the body’s own regulatory processes, not forcing or imposing the body with potentially back-breaking and unnatural action algorithms.

In the treatment of patients with chronic multi-link and multi-layer pathology, with limited initial reserve it is very important to determine the optimal step of the therapy on adaptation reserves. It is important to determine what we can achieve, and what we should aim for, on the way to recovery and accumulation of reserves. We determine the capacity of the body within the optimal step for the rehabilitation and accumulation of adaptation reserves – it is roughly the limiting step that will not allow to act disharmoniously, which is especially important in the treatment of chronic patients.

The issue of adaptation reserves of the body and the possibilities of their determination is the cardinal question of individual diagnostics and therapy. There is a close interaction between the adaptive reactions, their stages (levels of reactivity) and body reserves.

In a certain stress reaction the body reduces or depletes its reserves.

In the transition from the negative stress reaction to a favorable anti-stress one, the body activates the level of reactivity.

The level of reserves and the rate of the body recovery is certainly affected by age.


Group 1. Slight chronic diseases (problems only at a physical level).

Group 2. Certain chronic conditions (the diseases are more severe).

Group 3. More severe chronic diseases (physical as well as mental-emotional problems).

Group 4. Characterized by profound mental problems (deep depression, anxiety. The patient may die).


The cause is, as a rule, at higher levels of control; it may be at different levels depending on the situation. The higher the mechanism affected by our therapy is, the more stable and multifaceted the effect.

Preparation of the constitutional solution is closely matched to the patient’s condition (physical and mental); it starts the recovery processes of the body.


The higher the level of regulatory processes that are directed at therapeutic effect are, the more individual the approach shall be.

Thus, it should be understood that any therapy that can cause the bio-resonance phenomenon in the body is by definition a highly individual form of therapy.


Health or illness always depend on your own body’s ability to regulate processes. Recovery can only be achieved by recovery of the body’s own self-regulating ability, which is the first task of any therapy.

Thus, correctly executed therapy meets all the above requirements. It is always integral, causalgic, individual and regulating.

BRT devices work with electromagnetic fluctuations of the human body. The purpose of this treatment is to neutralize the pathological fluctuations of the patient and activating the body’s immune system.


Integrative medicine - a medicine for the benefit of the whole organism, in the interests of people, not in words but in deeds?

Author techniques and algorithms for diagnostic use of BRT in combination with multi-level analysis?