Preparation for operation and rehabilitation

In recent years, increasing numbers of people are injured in accidents, natural and man-made disasters. In the treatment of patients with various serious injuries, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, early and late postoperative complications, bioresonance therapy is a good complement to comprehensive treatment and may be recommended for a wide range of applications.

Any operation is a rough mechanical, biochemical, psycho-emotional, and bioenergetic intervention in human life and activity, which leaves rough tracks, the recovery from which is challenging without energy-restoring management. After surgery the patient is unable to work for a long time, and sometimes goes on disability.

KALHIVI Health Recovery Center uses Imedis diagnostic and treatment equipment, which is essentially a multi-functional clinic, laboratory and pharmacy.

Comprehensive diagnostics is conducted before the appointment of therapy, which increases effectiveness.

The adaptive bio-resonance therapy (BRT) is a method that has proven to be one of the most advanced.


Bio-resonance management using resonant and multi-resonance therapy helps a patient to undergo preoperative management: psycho-emotional, hemodynamic and biochemical, which will reduce the time of preparation for surgery and in postoperative ensure faster and easier awakening from anesthesia.

Rehabilitation comes in a shorter time with the least number of postoperative complications, which allows to significantly reduce the time in hospital and subsequent rehabilitation.

The choice of therapy is carried out based on the location of the traumatic factor.

Rehabilitation algorithm:

  • Comprehensive examination.
  • Multi-resonance therapy.
  • Preparation of energy forming solutions.
  • Management of psycho-emotional state of the patient.

It is known that surgical interventions are often required by operational tactics, when the body had undergone irreversible degenerative processes that threaten the patient’s life. These include patients with complicated forms of various diseases. After a major surgery (resection of the stomach in various modifications, cholecystectomy, bowel resection, etc.) the recovery of the body is greatly delayed.

The goal of the therapy is to assess the condition of the body before and after surgery in terms of energy and information and implement preoperative preparation and postoperative rehabilitation of patients.


  • carry out induction therapy under 90 programs (during this type of treatment the frequency spectrum of human brain rhythms is used);
  • perform resonance-frequency diagnostics and therapy of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa and helminths, fungi with the use of 867 frequency programs;
  • create arbitrary treatment programs of frequency exposure.

The equipment has adaptable programs allowing to:

  • relieve stress in conditions of high load, contributes to rapid recovery of health and speeds up the rehabilitation process;
  • carry out the management of psychological status.

Full course of treatment consists of 4 – 6 sessions held daily.


Integrative medicine - a medicine for the benefit of the whole organism, in the interests of people, not in words but in deeds?

Author techniques and algorithms for diagnostic use of BRT in combination with multi-level analysis?