Comprehensive diagnostics of the body

Thanks to the scientific and technical progress in medicine and biophysics, scientists have found that every cell, whether a cell of a human organ, virus or bacteria, has its normal biophysical parameters – electromagnetic waves with a certain frequency.

These fluctuations are specific and unique. In case of any disease or functional disorders at the pre-disease stage, these parameters of the cells change. Moreover, the cells change their parameters to different frequencies in regard to various illnesses.

The bio-resonance therapy method is based on the fact that the parameters of the body’s own physiological fluctuations to which the frequency characteristics are applied, are processed in real time. It differs in that the frequency characteristics use frequencies of the body’s own physiological fluctuations that correspond to its healthy state. A current correction of the parameters of the affecting signal is determined by calculating time, amplitude and frequency characteristics of the body’s own physiological fluctuations. Moreover, the impact of the frequencies is conducted until stable restoration of physiological fluctuations of the body.

The body has biological energy and information meridians, different for each organ and system. These meridians unite biologically active points of the body, which are the sources of information on biophysical parameters of the cells.

Scientists have created devices that work with information of the biophysical parameters of the cells. This is based what bio-resonant medicine principle is based on.

KALHIVI Health Recovery Center uses IMEDIS medical-diagnostics equipment which, in fact, “comprises” a multi-functional clinic, laboratory and pharmacy in itself.

  • The equipment ensures a high accuracy of diagnosis – up to 95%;
  • The equipment allows to receive complete information about the patient’s health, to identify diseases at very early stages, which is not possible with ultrasound, CT and MRI, which show the process that has already taken shape.
  • Electropunctural diagnostics is safe, painless, easy to use and does not require advance preparation.
  • The equipment allows diagnostics and bio-resonance therapy for pregnant women and children, due to lack of irradiation and other contra indications.
  • The study on the selection of the treatment regimen takes several hours and replaces the long hospital stay and search for pharmaceuticals, that is, using this method will save the patient’s energy, time, and money.

Vegetative resonance test (VRT) in contrast to other methods of electropunctural diagnostics allows to go from general to particular.

Designer method of comprehensive diagnostics used at the Health Recovery Center, which combines the possibilities of vegetative resonance test (VRT) and modern technologies of psychoanalysis on a four-level scheme allows for a systematic approach to testing and therapy.

Level 1. Acute diseases.

Level 2. Sub-acute and chronic diseases. The nervous system and mental disorders.

Level 3. Deep chronic diseases. The endocrine system, hereditary diseases, congenital metabolic disorders.

Level 4. Miasma or genetically-toxic microbial information. Deep depression, fears.

Using a pointer-test of the group level of health, we define the degree of bactericidal activity (phagocyte activity), interference foci and fields, metabolism, blockades and blocked reserves.

The bactericidal action is the property of tissues and biological fluids of killing the pathogenic microgerms.

Determination of bactericidal biological fluids and tissues of the body is most important in treating infection, especially in cases where there is an issue of assigning antibacterial therapy.

Miasma are hereditary toxicity (microbial, viral, parasitic) information of one of the ancestors. Miasma occurs in approximately 95% of cases on the 4th level, and about 5% of cases on the 3rd level.

Stress indices reflect the state of stress condition of the body reactivity and provide information about the current state of the patient as a whole.

We also define parameters important for diagnostics:

  • Condition of the immune system.
  • Endocrine system.
  • Mesenchimal-metabolic exchange (biological and photonic indices, adaptation reserves).
  • Individual reaction of the body to the impact of negative factors (psychological, geopathic, radioactive overload, etc.).
  • Presence of a predisposition to malignancy.
  • Exchange of micronutrients, vitamins, hormones, enzymes.
  • Psycho-emotional portrait of the patient.
  • Degree psycho-vegetative load.
  • Presence of foci and interference fields .
  • Allergy.
  • Acid-base balance defects.
  • Viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminth, fungi.
  • Determination of the affected organs.

Adaptation reserves – the body’s ability to respond adequately to the proposed stimulus, determination of recovery ability and accumulation of recovery adaptation.

Blockade determination – the degree of mesenchimal and receptor blocking. The relationship between the level of adaptive reserves and the degree of blocking.

Functional blockades – resistant ‘blockade-causes’ and more mobile ‘blockade-effects’. Identification of blockades in layers and sub-layers.

  • Cholesterol level.
  • Uric acid level.
  • Identifying physiological fatigue.
  • Information on heart rhythm disorders.
  • Gallbladder disease.
  • Hypertonia (high blood pressure).
  • Lymphatic burdening.
  • Head foci.
  • Dental testing.
  • DNA indices.

Diagnostics method should ideally meet the following requirements:

  • provide a sufficient and necessary and, at the same time, uniquely interpretable information that would help to establish a definite diagnosis;
  • lack of immediate or deferred in the foreseeable future adverse reactions or complications;
  • be non-invasive, painless and comfortable;
  • minimum time of the survey;
  • one time examination procedure, if possible;
  • compatibility with other diagnostic methods.

The designer method of health recovery by KALHIVI Center meets all these requirements.

It should be understood that any therapy that can induce the bio-resonance phenomenon in the body is, by definition, a highly individual form of therapy.

Health or illness always depend on your own body’s ability to regulate processes. Recovery can only be achieved by rehabilitation of the body’ regulatory, which is the primary task of therapy.

Our technique meets all the above requirements. It is a holistic, cause-and-effect, individual, and regulating therapy.

One approach to changing the functional system of the body it is to find the weakest link. This point will be the lever that would improve the efficiency or sensitivity of the system.

Considering the functional system as a whole, we make an effort to improve the weakest or slowest of its links. Its changes lead to learning engendering learning that will rid people of possible occurrences of the problem in the future.

Rounding up the description of the resonant testing method, it should be particularly stressed that this diagnostic approach offers great opportunities, especially in its creative use.


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