Introduction to the recovery programs

There is plenty of disappointments in life – a person is deprived of one or the other illusion. This happens until he is not able to endure the truth. A person who would dare to treat the disease, weakness and death as an inevitability of our existence, will understand that this knowledge does not lead to hopelessness. Only then will the person learn to feel the joy of life that will help to find a true path to health.

Constantly recurring symptoms allow us to understand that the problem cannot be solved once and for all quickly, as it usually seems.

The disease shows the insignificance and lack of will of a person who believes that his perfect power can change the world.

Becoming healthy can only be helped by returning to the ancient wisdom that should be taken literally: “Preventing is easier than curing.”

‘To prevent‘ means to be ‘independent‘.

Prevention is only possible before you are forced to deal with the problem by a disease.

The disease is a turning path where illness is transformed into health. The patient should start a conversation with the symptoms, letting what it lacks into the consciousness. Recovery is always associated with the expansion of consciousness.

Let’s divide the causes into four categories:

  1. Reasons of the driving force (the intention to do so).
  2. Reasons related to material (energy force that a person must spend to solve the problem).
  3. Shaping reasons (health recovery plan).
  4. Reasons for the target (“building” material: system cleaning, elimination of psychological stress, micronutrient filling).

If at least one of these reasons is missing, the health recovery is unlikely to be realized.

The energy option allows the body to reveal the mechanical connection and thus corresponds to the material standard of health. The target reason has to do with the motives and intentions which are related to the psyche.

Treatment and rehabilitation programs have all four categories of health recovery in the shortest time.


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