How to clear karma

Many people ask the question, “How do I clear my karma?”

Some so-called “witches and sorcerers” offer clearing karma for money. I want to disappoint you – there is no need to spend money for nothing. Clearing karma is only possible by improving the spirit.

There is a state of consciousness which can destroy the effects of the committed deeds.

For this to be done the two conditions of clearing karma should be done at the same time:

1) Constant and steady focus on the voice of conscience (your higher ‘I’, which does not force you to do anything, but only gives each of our thoughts a positive, neutral or negative coloring);

2) Firmly believe that you have no right to inflict any harm to surrounding people by your thoughts and actions. All your actions shall not infringe on anyone’s interests or well-being and cannot be carried out at someone else’s expense.

In addition, following the path of spiritual aspiration, you can not consider yourself superior to others, and your actions to be more important than the actions of others.

The most important sign of the right path is receiving assistance, as well as the overall success of the enterprise. The help of the Higher power usually comes unexpectedly at the last moment.


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