Laws of the universe


But without the knowledge of the three most important laws of life, we build our INNER WORLD without foundation:

  • Septenary Law
  • Reincarnation Law
  • Karma Law


In the Great Esoteric Reference the Septenary concept is defined as a procedure for making (composing) the seven elements.

Long before man created religious teachings and civilization established its laws, the influence of the seven planets was known on earth. You may also notice that everywhere in the Bible and other holy books the number 7 is always mentioned in connection with the mysterious or spiritual Divine power, and has an interesting meaning in each use.

7 heavens, so often referred to;

7 seals;

7 churches.

The seven-day march around the walls of Jericho, when on The Seventh Day the walls fell down before this divine power, symbolized by the number 7.

Septenary nature of the universe is manifested in everything that exists in different planes of existence.

But we will talk about the septenary structure of the person, the knowledge of which will be used to heal the body and soul, as the soul and body are parts of the ‘septenary person’ notion

Not for nothing did Buddha picked the lotus as the symbol of his religion, which is not hybridized and does not lose its individuality.


Firstly, seven petals of its foundation are always visible (as well as the human body);

Secondly, according to the professed religion, creative Spirit is a fundamental principle and cause of all things.

And their unity is a silent but unmistakable evidence of the act of creation of the seven planets, which are the origin of all religions.


Even a cursory acquaintance with the septenary law gives the idea that the development of animate and inanimate matter is not spontaneous, but has a purpose, and is subordinated to the SUPREME DESIGN.

To move up the ladder of evolution, high to the elevated spiritual state (nirvana) the person is given physical life in the material world of high density. To reach the highest spiritual perfection is the goal of Human existence on earth.

This goal is so great that to reach it within a few decades of one human life is not possible. Having lived a life, having climbed a step or descended one (which also happens), depending on the accumulated spiritual perfection, after a stay in the subtle worlds, we go back to earth once again. But in a different body, in different conditions, in a different place.

This is the law of reincarnation.

The process of the SPIRIT growth is the main reason why nature provided earthly incarnations. Human stage of development is meant to give the person an opportunity to rise from the biological existence to the energy or radiant one.


Earthly purpose of human existence is to fully resolve his/her karma and get rid of the need for further incarnations in the dense body. Individuality that has reached this stage of development, leaves the dense plane for good, or remains here as a Teacher.

The concept of karma in Sanskrit means work, action, deed. The value of the ‘action’ includes thoughts and desires.

Karma is only a thought, because, having reflected, a person acts with body, words and mind. Karma is created by thinking. Thinking is what it gives the person moral value, changed by actions in one direction or another. All beings have their karma. They are the heirs of deeds. They are completely dependent on deeds.

Not a single deed, no intention goes without consequences. Everything entails reckoning.

Therefore we must be very honest especially to ourselves.

It would be naive to believe that if you are not caught conducting a misdeed committed by you on the sly, there would be no reckoning.

They say: “There are no miracles in human deeds, what you sow is what you reap.” We must remember that everything we experience is the result of our own past actions, that is our karma.

The quality of thinking may change or even completely liberate a person from the effects of karma.

All the above makes it clear that the law of karma and the law of reincarnation are inseparable.


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