The destiny of the object is a corridor of possible events in the life, where he/she is from birth to the moment of death. Change your destiny for the better. Three approaches to changing destiny: the destiny of man is connected with his state of mind; change the state of consciousness; evaluate their abilities and understand the features of your inner world; psychoanalysis and psychotherapy – can help you in self-knowledge and perception of the contents of the unconscious.

In the face of destiny we realize that we are at His mercy and at the same time borne by Him, that we are powerless, however, we have to act, we have no support and are incorporated into something bigger. In the face of destiny we come to mind, let go of something we used to cling to, and are just witnessing. In submitting to destiny we become significant and as great as this destiny.

In submitting to destiny, reverence for Him, we – without asking about anything – dissolve in something that was hidden and inaccessible to us before.

We are present, turned to life, such as it is, including its end. Life without pretensions and expectations. We have what we have been given. There is no need to give up anything, using the destiny.

Each new day is best possible chance for us – if we rejoice.

Joy is liberating. It rests in oneself and is in happy consonance with everybody and everything, fully Here and Now.

It is fulfilled because it absorbs what it encounters on the way, transforms it and lets it flow further.

Joy heals. Wounds heal when its sun shines on them.

Joy is love. It comes from within. Nothing from the outside can overshadow it.

Own way is the only right way. Any deviation from it alienates us from ourselves, a sense of satisfaction from our strength and of our deepest happiness.

Sometimes we yield to the temptation to compare our path with others, considering it to be special. Our own path is provided for us in advance – by our origin, being a part of our family’s destiny, our gender, our talents, experience, set spiritual and physical boundaries – by our own destiny, own inner voice and the place we deserve in general.

Meeting others, we go part of the way together, learn from each other, guide, support each other, though each of us is going by the same path.

Patience is the time. Patience is a virtue of the teacher, since times is necessary for teaching and inspiration. We have to be patient, not only to ourselves but to others, first of all, to children. Patience is also necessary in love.

Humble is the one who stays within his/her own borders. A humble person also protects his/her borders. Thus, a humble person supports balance without deviating from it neither up nor down. Humility is power – it commands respect.

Humility is wisdom. Wisdom creates understanding.

Humility in mind means that in our thoughts we are left only with what we can learn and understand. Stop Here and Now, maintain these boundaries, openly and without desire – that is the ultimate meaning of humility. It is the ultimate power that gives a sense of pious contemplation.


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