Cronosemantics is a direction of bio-resonance diagnostics and therapy using mantic biologically active points of the palm.

  • The term ‘mantic’ means ‘used for forecast, prediction’
  • The term ‘semantic’ means ‘meaning’
  • The term ‘chronosemantic’ means ‘associating meanings to specific points in time’

If you break down a person’s time into intervals of different lengths, it is possible to understand how successful the human life plan is and on which periods bring difficulties, what kind and what they are related to. In short – what awaits him/her in the future.

You can change the fate managing the signal of points of the palm, which give negative forecasts for the future.

Using special technology, electromagnetic signal is removed from certain points of the lines on the palms, which give negative characteristics and changed by 180 degrees is fed into the same point. It turns into a kind of vaccination – changing the bad events for good. As a result we are able to carry out “seeing” therapy, which calculates specific results of its behavior in advance, the patient goes to the positive pole of life situation assessment; a liberation of negative self-fulfilling prediction occurs.


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