Consciousness and health – Psychotherapy treatment


The term “psychotherapy” is defined as the treatment of the soul (from the Greek. Ψυχή – soulek + Θεραπεία – treatment, care).

Psychotherapy is a system of medical influence on the psyche and through the psyche on the human body.

It is often defined as activities aimed at ridding a person of various problems (emotional, personal, social, etc.).

The treatment of the body should start with treatment of the soul. As Socrates said:

“The body does not hurt separately and independently from the soul.”

The human body is not an isolated system. We all know that physical health is influenced by thoughts and emotions. It is no secret that experienced emotions of fear, grief, anger are often the cause of many psychosomatic diseases.

KALHIVI Health Recovery Center uses unique designer technique of psychoanalysis in the field of psychology of consciousness development.

Consciousness and Health are intertwined so closely that the concepts cannot be viewed separately.

Treatment, regardless of whether it has an effect or not, is in no way related to the issue of ‘recovery’.

RECOVERY takes place only in our MINDS.

Processes aimed at overcoming human blindness are called psychotherapy.

PSYCHOTHERAPY is a method of treatment of people with mental disorders or mental symptoms. Such an attitude to psychotherapy may be justified in the case of BEHAVIORAL therapy techniques.

But it is absolutely unsuitable for any of the psychoanalysis and psychology areas of interpersonal relations. Since the inception of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy has been aimed at self-knowledge and perception of the contents of the unconscious.

From the standpoint of psychotherapy, there is no human that is so healthy that he/she does not need its services.

The equipment has adaptable programs that allow for:

  • solving tasks of acquiring professional skills, relieving stress in conditions of high loads, which stimulates fast efficiency restoration and accelerates rehabilitation;
  • adapting college and school students to learning material;
  • family relations management;
  • identifying and eliminating external occult influence;
  • optimizing creative and intellectual abilities;
  • management of social and psychological status and improving the quality of life;

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