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About Kalhivi health recovery center

Kalhivi Center was founded as a division of the IMEDIS Intelligent Medical Systems Center in 2001.

The Center’s activities and techniques are based on a combination of traditional medicine knowledge and the possibilities of Oriental medicine embodied in the latest developments in the field of electropunctural and bio-resonance therapy.

Today the Center is one of the recognized leaders in the use of vegetative resonance test (VRT) and bio-resonance therapy in Eastern Europe. The Center has all the necessary technology for the recovery after physiological and psychological health disorders of varying severity.

Designer methods and algorithms of applying VRT diagnostic in combination with multi-level analysis of the psychosomatic condition can significantly simplify and speed up diagnosis and treatment and recovery tasks.

High performance of the Center is supported by numerous positive references of the patients. In particular, over 70% of the Center’s new customers come via personal recommendation of former patients. In its tenure, the Center has had over 30 000 patients.

Practical achievements of the Center’s personnel have been presented at various conferences and seminars, including international ones, where they received high praise from the experts.

The Center is actively involved in various research projects on the following subjects: the influence of ultra-low electromagnetic oscillations on the physical and psychological state of the person; the possibility of copying and distant transmission of pharmaceuticals’ irradiation, medicinal plants, phyto-teas and other substances; direct transfer of irradiation (properties of the substance) on temporary media using the Internet. In cooperation with foreign colleagues the Center has developed, tested and successfully implemented a test for early diagnosis of tumors (GSK module – named after its inventors Grinstein, Shreibman, and Kutushov).

The center is licensed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. License #AV526671 of March 3, 2010 View all licenses

Path to being healthy

Health – i vouch for health where vital energy is knowingly protected. Health should be inseparable from the improvement of life. Good thing is what is healthy in all dimensions. Health and joy live in the mind. Joy is a healthy mind.

Our approach

Our Approach

Integrative medicine is medicine for the benefit of the whole body, in the interests of the person, in deeds and not in name. “Using a variety of treatment methods, do not think that you are treating the very essence of the disease. The doctor only helps the body to cope with the disease, to cope with it using its own defensive techniques. All this can be done on the basis of requirements – taking the body as a whole, at the same time taking into account the influence of the environment on the human body,” Botkin.

Yuriy Gotovsky

Remember your teachings and your promises! Yuriy Gotovsky was born in 1941. In 1966 he graduated from the Moscow Energy Institute. In 1971 he defended his thesis. He has been working as a Professor at the Computers, Systems and Networks Department.


Integrative medicine - a medicine for the benefit of the whole organism, in the interests of people, not in words but in deeds?

Author techniques and algorithms for diagnostic use of BRT in combination with multi-level analysis?